Early Settlers of Lee County, Virginia
and Adjacent Counties

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They're finally Available

Volume I and Volume II of "Early Settlers of Lee County"

After literally hundreds and hundreds of requests, and after years of negotiating, the Lee County Historical and Genealogical Society has obtained copyright permission, and found a publishing house which will reproduce volume I and volume II of "The Early Settlers of Lee County". These have been an extremely popular set of books, and therefore have been out of print for years.

We plan on having them available in November of 2002. If you would like to pre-order this set of books, we will make both of them available (pre-paid) for only $135.00 plus $7.00 postage, tax, and handling. In order to meet the deadline set by the publisher, we must have your order postmarked no later than November 1st, 2002.

After November 1st, 2002 the books will be $149.95 plus $7.00 postage, tax, and handling.

Orders may be addressed to:


P.O. Box 231

Jonesville VA 24263-0231

Lee County Historical & Genealogical Society
Judy Davidson Email Judy

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Volume II by Hattie Muncy Bales

I wanted to share the contents of this book with all the "ELY" hunters! (31 pages)
61.gif files. I have re-worked all the files,
they are larger and easy to read.

I made two files per page.
If you don't see your family listed in these pages, they are probably "not" in this book!
Just click the file below you want to view, then right click on the open file and choose save as?

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Now you can download a .pdf file containg all of the pages listed below: Ely_Family.pdf 2,659 KB.
On a 56k Dial-up Modem it could take up to10 minutes, depending on kilobytes per second, to download. But it is worth the wait!

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1.)1a.gif & 1b.gif 18.) 18a.gif & 18b.gif
2.) 2a.gif & 2b.gif 19.) 19a.gif & 19b.gif
3.) 3a.gif & 3b.gif 20.) 20a.gif & 20b.gif
4.) 4a.gif & 4b.gif 21.) 21a.gif & 21b.gif
5.) 5a.gif & 5b.gif 22.) 22a.gif & 22b.gif
6.) 6a.gif & 6b.gif 23.) 23a.gif & 23b.gif
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11.) 11a.gif & 11b.gif 28.) 28a.gif & 28b.gif
12.) 12a.gif & 12b.gif 29.) 29a.gif & 29b.gif
13.) 13a.gif & 13b.gif 30.) 30a.gif & 30b.gif
14.) 14a.gif & 14b.gif 31.) 31a.gif & 31b.gif
15.) 15a.gif & 15b.gif 32.)
16.) 16a.gif & 16b.gif 33.)
17.) 17.gif 34.)

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